תמונת אווירה של המשרד

המשרד דורג במדריכי הדירוג:

Nathan Meir & Co. holds extensive and rich experience in the field of real estate, and, among other things, provides comprehensive ongoing legal services involving various and complex real estate transactions and projects. The firm provides legal advice and representation to private clients and entrepreneurs on various types of real estate transactions, including: combination transactions, sale and purchase transactions including purchase groups, rental deals, preparation of real estate sharing agreements, realization of property and real estate including urban realty property, complex transactions related to privately owned real estate, administration of real estate and more. Due to the multidisciplinary experience of the staff, the firm’s clients are provided with comprehensive legal services covering the full spectrum of the field of real estate - starting with performing due diligence prior to purchasing ownership rights, through planning and initiation of transactions, management of negotiations until the agreements signing stage, representation before all relevant authorities, the Israel Land Registry, tax authorities, as well as before various court instances, and, finally, the execution and finalization of agreements registrations in the different real estate bureaus in Israel. The Real Estate Department at Nathan Meir & Co. is composed of highly proficient attorneys lead by Adv. Zvi Baranes, who represents leading private and institutional organizations in the field of real estate. Among the department's clients are local authorities such as municipalities, local and regional councils, moshavim and kibbutzim, city unions, urban companies, economic companies, water and sewage corporations, as well as commercial firms, contractors and private entrepreneurs.

  • +Urban Renewal

    The Real Estate Department provides legal counseling and representation in all aspects related to the field of urban renewal projects, including evacuation and construction (Pinuy Binuy) projects and Tama 38 projects. Furthermore, the department provides legal advice regarding urban construction plans (Taba), involving the establishment of diverse complexes in scales of hundreds of millions NIS, such as the construction of complexes in major real estate divisions in Tel Aviv, public parking lots, central stations and more. The Real Estate Department holds a distinct specialization in the registration and preparation of large-scale parcellation projects, and it grants counseling related to parcellations in complex situations.

  • +Yielding Real Estate

    The Real Estate Department at Nathan Meir & Co. provides comprehensive legal services, including the renting out of substantial large-scale complexes involving billions NIS, with a strong focus on commercial centers and office parks. During its many years of experience in the yielding real estate field, the office has developed a distinct specialization in supporting management for real estate, and serves as legal consultant for several firms operating in this area.

  • +Planning and Construction

    The Planning and Construction Department at Nathan Meir & Co. has vast knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of substantial legal activity, and it is regarded as one of the leading and most prominent Israeli departments in this field. The department grants comprehensive legal services to a wide spectrum of customers in the Israeli economy, such as planning institutions and central organizations of the local government, municipalities and local committees for planning and construction, health organizations that are among the largest in their field, economic firms and city unions, alongside entrepreneurs and private clients. The department’s varied areas of practice include: 1) Consultation on city construction plans (Taba) for the establishment of various complexes involving hundreds of millions NIS. 2)  Consultation and promotion of high budget urban renewal projects (Tama), such as projects related to establishment of high-rise buildings and projects related to tourism and aviation. 3) Consultation regarding the registration and execution of complex parcellation transactions. 4) Consultation regarding expropriation of both sides- on the one hand, the department advises municipalities regarding expropriation, and on the other hand the department deals with appeals regarding the cancelation of expropriations and lawsuits regarding compensation on behalf of the expropriation victims involving hundreds of millions NIS. 5)   Representation before the authorities and different instances such the Israel Land Registry, farmers, various real estate owners, local and district planning and construction committees in all judiciaries including Supreme Court appeals. 6) Handling of relevant proceedings in relation to any field the department practices, such as: evacuation lawsuits, appeals and proceedings following matters of betterment surcharges, lawsuits according to section 197 of the planning and construction (victims of authorization of realty plans), and more. The firm’s Planning and Construction Department is composed of a skilled staff with rich and extensive knowledge, led by the firm’s founding partner, Adv. Nathan Meir, who is considered one of the most reliable attorneys in the field of planning and construction in the State of Israel, holding dozens of years of professional experience as legal consultant to diverse governmental organizations, head of the professional appeals committee of the Israel Bar Association, member of several governmental forums and also published articles in professional journalism and lectures in varied conferences and events. Among its many achievements, the department takes pride in providing counseling to the legislation proceeding of "Tikun 101" of the planning and construction law (The Porches Reform). Among other things, the firm represented and advised one the most prominent clients in the planning and construction field in Knesset hearings regarding the reform, as Adv. Nathan Meir himself served as a member of the staff set up by the Ministry of Interior for the promotion of this matter.