תמונת אווירה של המשרד

המשרד דורג במדריכי הדירוג:

Nathan Meir & Co. is noted among the most prominent firms in Israel in the field of local government, and provides ongoing legal guidance and advice to different bodies, drafting tender offers, expert opinions, management of all types of litigation proceedings, drafting of regulations and participation in various legislation proceedings in the Knesset and Knesset committees. The firm’s Local Authorities Department, led by Adv. Gershon Rothschild, is composed of an experienced legal team that provides the firm’s clients with legal services in all administrative and civil judiciaries (The High Court of Justice and the Administrative Court). Among the firm’s clients are local authorities including municipalities, local and regional councils, Moshavim and Kibbutzim, city unions, urban companies, economic companies, water and sewerage corporations, professional organizations of statutory officials, prominent economic corporations in the fields of economy, computerization and more. The firm’s exclusivity lies in its unique synergetic ability to collaborate between the Local Government Department and all other departments (particularly the Litigation and Real Estate departments), which enables the office to provide effective solutions to any legal matter brought to its doorstep.

  • +Municipal Infrastructures

    Nathan Meir & Co. provides comprehensive legal services to governmental and municipal bodies as well as private organizations, in all matters relating to the development, establishment and operation of large-scale infrastructures. The firm holds a unique specialization in the development and establishment of large-scale municipal infrastructures, and as such, the firm advises local government bodies (both small and large), urban economic corporations and city unions in the development of housing complexes, public projects (such as education institutions) agreements regarding "roof agreements" between local authorities and The Israel Land Registry, The Treasury Office and The Construction and Housing Office, as well as the establishment of water and sewage facilities, and more. The firm’s Infrastructure Department, led by Adv. Eitan Rothschild, is composed of an experienced legal team that provides comprehensive legal services in various projects and initiatives, including tender preparations and agreement contracts with planners, consultants and contractors for the planning and establishment of infrastructure of varied initiatives as well ongoing legal counseling. In addition, department’s attorneys hold unique and extensive professional experience in the field of hotels and hospitality management, while specifically specializing in the different aspects of hotel management agreements. In so doing, the department provides legal guidance and advice regarding the establishment and management of hotels across Israel.

  • +Local Authorities Law

    For years, the Local Authorities Department at Nathan Meir & Co. has been operating as the main legal consultant to many local authorities. As such, the department provides comprehensive legal services to municipalities regarding extensive projects involving the establishment of commercial centers, the handling of tender procedures, advice on matters related to contracts and third party agreements, as well as various legal proceedings in all judiciaries including arbitration and mediation proceedings. In addition, the department also provides guidance and representation in matters of personal liability of officials in the local government, counseling on matters related to review reports written by The State Comptroller Office and other reviewing organizations and more.

  • +Municipal Economic Companies

    The Local Authorities Department vast experience in advising a number of major municipal economic firms and has been acting as their chief legal counsel for years. The department provides these firms with legal advice in various fields, including the establishment of projects involving billions NIS, execution of tenders, contracts and agreements, complex real estate matters and preparation of parcellation transactions, as well as representation in legal proceedings before all relevant instances.

  • +Municipal Regulation

    The Local Authorities Department provides legal advice and representation to various local government bodies regarding governmental and regulatory bodies, including the Environment Department, the Health Department and the Ministry of Interior, as well as advice on municipal legislation, while providing counseling to local government organizations in these proceedings.