תמונת אווירה של המשרד

המשרד דורג במדריכי הדירוג:

The Administrative Law Department at Nathan Meir & Co. is noted among the leading practices in Israel in the field, and holds a unique specialization in providing legal guidance, advice and representation, to both public and private entities in this complex field of law. The department holds years of experience in all fields of administrative and tender law, and, for many years, has been representing various local authority bodies as well as private and commercial bodies before various court instances and committees, including diverse regulatory bodies (the Israel Antitrust Authority), The Environment Department, Health Department and more). The Administrative Law Department provides comprehensive top-quality legal services in a broad range of matters, including property tax, surcharges, fees and regulations. Moreover, the firm provides comprehensive counseling in this field, including drafting expert opinions and providing legal representation in administrative appeals and in different statutory committees. The Administrative Law Department, headed by Adv. Anat Gafni, is comprised of highly proficient and creative minded attorneys, enabling the firm to effectively handle complex legal issues, while always finding successful solutions to fit their individual needs. Among the department's clients are municipalities, local authorities, water and canalization corporations, economic firms, and more. The Administrative Law Department provides legal services to one of the most prominent firms in the Israeli economy- the Local Authorities Economic Services Company -  which provides economic services to all local authorities in Israel.

  • +Tender Law

    The Administrative Law Department provides ongoing legal services to public bodies in the field of tender law, as well as to business organizations operating in diverse tenders, including proposition submission, and in appeal proceedings against tender committee decisions and tender outcomes. Most of the department's activities are related to counseling clients with respect to proceedings for public tenders, including all the relevant stages - editing and writing, publication, legal review of the submitted propositions, counseling clients in relation to signing agreements and occasionally even advising the tender committee on various matters.