תמונת אווירה של המשרד

המשרד דורג במדריכי הדירוג:

The Litigation Department at Nathan Meir & Co. Law Offices is noted as one of the leading and most professional departments in its field, with years of experience in providing legal advice to its clients in various proceedings (including arbitration and mediation proceedings) - ranging from high-profile business groups, through commercial and governmental corporations and local government bodies, as well as well-known commercial firms, both from Israel and abroad.

  • +Class Actions

    The Litigation Department’s legal team at Nathan Meir & Co. holds years of experience in providing legal guidance and advice to local authorities and corporations in the field of class actions, particularly in the retail niche, involving various issues, including matters of property tax, taxation, consumer protection laws, telecommunications and more.

  • +Administrative Litigation

    The Administrative Litigation Department at Nathan Meir & Co. holds a unique specialization in providing professional legal representation before all administrative instances (including appeals to the High Court of Justice and to District Courts in their capacity as administrative courts, as well as appeal and planning and construction committees) mainly on matters of local authorities, tender law, planning and construction and business licensing. The department holds years of rich and extensive experience in the field of administrative law, providing legal services to clients in their interactions with the various administrative instances, including the Federation of Local Authorities, diverse statutory committees. Among the firm's clients in this practice area are local authorities (the Israel Bar Association’s Economic Company and its subsidiaries), represented by the firm in matters involving tenders, class actions and more.