תמונת אווירה של המשרד

Nathan Meir & Co. law firm provides its clients with high level advice in the area of municipal taxation. The department focuses on representing its clients with regards to fees and levies imposed in respect of development works carried by municipal authorities (roads, pavements and drainage levies), water and sewage, betterment tax and other municipal duty payments.

Nathan Meir & Co.'s municipal taxation department is comprised of a team of highly experienced advocates in this field, headed by Adv. Eran Faibish, who represents both local authorities and leading corporations in Israel.

The cooperation between the municipal tax department and the other departments of the firm, and the firm’s extensive experience in the field of Municipal and administrative law, allows Nathan Meir & Co to provide the firm's clients with comprehensive, high-quality and professional advice.

  • +Municipal tax

    The Municipal Taxation Department provides guidance and representation on various municipal tax issues, which is relevant to companies owning large-scale properties, as well as to local authorities whose taxes are the main source of their income. In addition, the department accompanies corporations and local authorities in proceedings concerning municipal tax assessments before the Municipal Tax Manager, appeal committees, and various judicial instances, including the Supreme Court. The department has extensive experience in promoting and analyzing legislative procedures in the field of ​​municipal tax and a major part of the existing professional literature in Israel was published by the department's advocates.

  • +Development Levies

    The Municipal Taxation Department has a proven skill in examining complex development levies. In order to produce such calculations, the department conducts complex data collection and analysis that considers all the parameters that may affect the calculation, including construction expectations, payer's identity, government donations, development agreements, past payments and other parameters.

  • +Betterment Tax

    The Municipal Taxation Department accompanies the firm's clients in appeals regarding Betterment Tax rates on a wide range of claims and the department has extensive experience representing administrative committees – both local, municipal and state committees. The department's team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in providing comprehensive legal services, which involve working with the leading real estate appraisers in Israel. The department's team has published extensively in the field of betterment taxes and has a tremendous influence on the rulings and the case law in this practice.